Adtram TSU problem

Dear nanog,

Is anyone experiencing similar problem that we are experiencing???

Configuration as follow.
cisco 7500 Hardware is CT3IP
     CT3 H/W Version : 5.0.0, CT3 ROM Version: 1.2, CT3 F/W Version: 2.8.0

via T1 line provided by WC.

Adtram TSU v.35 cisco2500.
Adtram is configured to get network clock and all recommended
configuration given by Atram techs. but it does not hurt go over once

It appeared that sort of incompatiblities btwn cisco 2500 and
TSU? ie when T1 goes down, CS light is off.
and need to reboot to get Adtram to get T1 back. Yes, we have replaced
TSU and cable. We even switched to different serial interface.

Any suggestion?

Tatsuya Kawasaki
(Division of Allegiance Telecom)
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