[Administrivia]: Please end this Thread: RE: "Cisco gate" and "Me et the Fed" at Defcon....

Good Morning,

Perhaps Susan was not clear enough yesterday. The mailing list
administrative committee would request that you allow this thread to stop.
It has certainly outlived its operational usefulness. I am now reiterating
that request.


Chris Malayter
NANOG Mailing List Administration Team

Unfortunately, there's enough places where this touches on operational issues
(such as getting enough information about a new release of router software so you
can make informed decisions affecting your customers). And obviously, a number
of people think this is an important subject.

I suspect that adding a "This would be more on-topic/relevant on the XYZ list"
would help kill it here...

Any suggestions where it would be more relevant?

how about cisco-nsp?

I suspect the problem is not the operation aspects of the discussion, but
rather the nasty and sometimes personal invectives flying around. They were
particularly prevalent in the "Cisco gate" thread, and generally absent in
the other threads.

Just my 2 cents. YMMV

- Dan