address spoofing

Phillip Vandry wrote:

> > My outbound access lists block it, so you should never see 1918
> > sources coming from me. You should see "* * *" instead, even
> > if you don't block them coming in to your net.
> I think this sucks big-time. It wouldn't be quite so bad if traceroute
> were the only thing that were broken by it (though I do like my
> traceroutes to work properly too), but when all ICMP traffic from such a
> router is hosed, and one of the links my packets are trying to hop onto
> through such a router is down, then I'm a particularly unhappy camper
> (if I could see the !H or !N I'd still be unhappy of course, but not

...and I'd certainly like to see my ICMP unreachables which are vital to
path MTU discovery not blocked.

Since the road doesn't narrow, this won't be a problem on these links.
This is taken into consideration when the addresses are assigned. There
might be others doing this improperly.