Address of Westin building in Seattle?

Does anybody have this address and/or prefix handy?



The Westin Building is at 2001 Sixth Ave, 98121....."a prefix handy?": I
presume you refer to a telephone prefix? (206) 443- is used in the
building. I've a couple of new lines as (206) 269-

That help?

Tom N. Eastgard, Mgr
Network Engineering "...people who know the least
NorthWestNet anyways seem to know it the loudest." --- Andy Capp
Ph: 206/649-7414

The address of the Westin Building in Seattle is 2001 6th Ave. Seattle, WA
98121. Also, we have collocation space available there and an oc-48 ATM
based network that goes up to Vancouver, BC, Canada if anyone needs it.
I can be reached at 206-441-9960 today and tomorrow and my phone number is
below after that.

Scott Yoneyama
Starcom International Optics Corp.

Also, the prefix is 441