Address-based Route Reflection

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"Address-based Route Reflection" at

by Ruichuan Chen (MPI-SWS), Aman Shaikh (AT&T Labs Research), Jia Wang
(AT&T Labs Research), Paul Francis (MPI-SWS)

==== Abstract ====

This work presents Address-Based Route Reflection (ABRR): the first
iBGP solution that completely solves all oscillation and looping
problems, has no path inefficiencies, and puts no constraints on RR
placement. ABRR does this by emulating the semantics of full-mesh
iBGP, and thereby adopting the correctness and path efficiency
properties of full-mesh iBGP. Both traditional Topology-Based Route
Reflection (TBRR) and ABRR take a divide-and-conquer approach. While
TBRR scales by making each RR responsible for all prefixes from some
fraction of routers, ABRR scales by making each RR responsible for
some fraction of prefixes from all routers.

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