Additional Power Outages in Lower Manhattan

ConEdision released this statement this evening:

Due to the fire at 7 World Trade Center, electric power was lost to
another portion of lower Manhattan. The area is bordered by Dover Street
on the north, the East River to the east, William Street to the west
and Wall Street to the south.

Earlier, electric power in lower Manhattan was lost to an area bordered
by Thomas Street to the north, Broadway on the east, the Hudson River
on the west down to the southern tip of Manhattan.

The company is assessing the damage and exploring service restoration
options. Con Edison is in close contact with city officials.

There are several telco hotels near and within those bounderies, but I
don't have specific information about individual buildings.

Telehouse at 33 Whitehall and 25 Broadway should fall within those
boundaries. This message is reaching you via 25 Bway pipes, but Thouse
says they are on generator power and have not let on how much fuel they
have. They apparently still have staff there, which is kind of scary
considering how close to the towers they are.

32 Old Slip houses (at least) an ATT local services switch (ex-tcg,
ex-acc), Focal, and GlobalNaps. We lost PRIs and backhauls at about 5:45
p.m. The last Focal person I spoke with said the building was evacuated
this morning (it's actually quite far from WTC, relatively speaking).
Apparently whatever generator power they have has to be manually

That's all I know of in that area, any others?