adaptec 5405 wedged

any adaptec bios-level fu out there? if so, please see



Hi Randy,

Did you see this bit about transfer speed issues?

For those customers that are unable to update, or have a Series 2 (2045, 2405, 2405Q, 2805) or a low-port Series 5 (5405, 5405Z, 5445, 5805, 5805Z, 5085, 5805Z, 5805ZQ) controller, the Western Digital WD20EADS and WD2002FYPS drives will need to be jumpered down to 1.5Gb/sec in order to function properly (please refer to the specific jumper settings provided below).

Not sure, but I have seen issues with keyboard input on IPMI or serial-port console systems not working very well in controller BIOS screens. Has this worked before using the same method?

Also, were you able to flash the BIOS of the WD drives with a hacked firmware that has TLER enabled? If not, I would highly suggest not using those drives in a RAID array. Stick with the RAID Edition drives for that. I have had a multitude of issues with drives (particularly Western Digital) that were not designed for RAID use.