Active measurements BCP Internet Draft (fwd)


I've put the latest version of the Active Measurements BCP Internet Draft,
that I mentioned during yesterday's Measurements panel, online at:

The draft is still very rough, comments, to the list,
are welcome,


I think this draft makes considerable sense and addresses some of the
measurements which might be used to characterize performance (as the
title of the WG says) which is good.

I'm also interested in provoking dicussion about the active
measurement requirements for the other purposes which were touched on
by the panel. Primarily, collecting traffic information for purposes of
deriving traffic matrices, capacity projection, traffic engineering
and attack profiling and detection.

To put a fine point on it as I tried to on the panel:

Can we come up with some best current practices for addressing these
needs and deliver them as a clear set of requirements, both high- and
low-level to equipment vendors? In addition to the very specific
stuff of how to sample traffic or how not to, I'm thinking a framework
document, applicability statement, or the like which lays out the big
picture of how the protocols are envisioned to be used; what
real-world problem(s) they solve.

I chatted with Jen Rexford briefly afterward and she said that the
PSAMP WG has a draft framework doc which appears to be this:

The IPPM has a few including some which have become RFCs.

What do people think about how well they meet the needs they have at
hand? Would some even higher-level description of an activity such as
capacity planning be useful where we could then crystalize some tools
we need to get that job done? What about laying out exactly how we
think they need to be used so that if some part of the requirement
changes down the road, the relevant adaptations can be made?

Talk amongst yourselves.