Access to the Internic Blocked

On itself, LSRR is a godsend to hackers (i can think of about
a dozen of very nasty attacks using general LSRR). The only
useful application for it is traceroute.

Why don't router vendors provide an option to turn it
off for everything but ICMP ECHO?


From avg Wed Aug 21 21:44:50 1996

Speaking of which, is anyone going to implement traceroute
for UNIX which using icmp echo requests, instead of (semi-)random
udp packets, as the ammo? This is one way which I think Microsoft out
did the old UNIX implementations.

  The combination of the above and the below would give us
the usefulness we want and the security we want. (I don't think
the below would work with Van Jacobsen's traceroute 1.2)