Access to the Internic Blocked

perhaps if folks would just take the time to loose source route
in both directions instead of only one...

was the web page in response to complaints to those who turn off lsrr?

Jeff Young

Subject: Re: Access to the Internic Blocked

> > You forgot to point out that his evidence below indicates that this is
> > an MCI problem in Washington. Besides the fact that Network Solutions
> > isn't anyone's provider...
> Let us be more careful here. The traceroute only indicates that the
> problem was with the hop after The traceroute
> simply does not contain sufficient information to pinpoint which
> party the next hop is.

Very true. That fact and the widespread use of assymetric return paths (as
in this case) really makes it impossible to authoritatively diagnose who
is at fault when a routing problem occurs merely by reading a few

One thing that would help diagnose the true source of the problem with
less human interaction required (avoiding voicemail and all that) would be
wider public access to traceroutes beginning at key sites. There is a
group of ISP's who make CGI-based traceroutes available from their sites

In this instance, it would have helped if the Internic had a CGI
traceroute available from their site but I think it would also be a nice
thing if the major NSP's would make this same kind of facility available
from their exchange points.

What do you folks think?

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