AC/AC power conversion for datacenters

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:


This is marginally related to the power discussions earlier, but does
anyone know of a product that steps up 120V AC to 220V AC and is
reasonably datacenter-friendly? We're looking at an environment where
there's no 220V available - but we only need ~7 amps so conversion could
be possible to my high-school-physics mind. I've found some products
that seem to be appropriate, but they're geared towards a more
industrial purpose. Is there a rackmount 120->220V converter that
people out there have used and would recommend?

That's a transformer, period.

But where is this that you there is "no" 240vac to be had? You
are better off to pay an electrician to pull the 240 in, than
spend money and space and HVAC load on a transformer.