Abuse response [Was: RE: Yahoo Mail Update]

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If you send reports with lots of legal boilerplate, or reports with
long lectures on why you expect an INSTANT TAKEDOWN, and send them to
a busy abuse queue, there is no way - and zero reason - for the ISP
people to prioritize your complaint above all the other complaints
coming in.

Having elided the rest of this exchange, and also understanding
exactly what you are talking about, I encourage you to elaborate
on the point you are trying to make...

As you well know, there are many of us who have been working on
this particular issue for years, with wildly varying degrees of

There is no pat answer...

- - ferg

do you remember the days when some of us would only take routing table updates
from andrew partan, because we trusted him?

that's what it's like now wrt takedowns.

do not minimize the use of malicious takedowns by twits and bad guys, who fabricate a report
of misfeasance to get their enemies taken down.