yesterday, at work at about 11edt, abha ahuja suffered a serious seizure
of unknown cause. there are many details, very few of them cheering.
they do not know causes, they do not know much, only the damage, and it
is not good. and details are not appropriate for a broadcast medium
anyway. she is in the cardiac icu, and the prognosis is bleak.

my experience is that, in this time, her family will be drawing close,
and outsiders, which we are, are felt as intrusive. should she make it
to a recovery state, our wishes, flowers, food baskets, ... will be
much appreciated.

think good thoughts.


My hopes and prayers are sent. Abha is truely a wonderful person and
I hope and pray she makes it thru this tought time.

I am hopeful because I know first hand how magical the human body can
be in healing its self, especially from seizures. The power of family and
friends is very important.