ABC News mentions Echelon

> They must be referring to echelon. What's interesting
> is that ABC news is saying that they have echolon
> like capabilities in the Continental US.
> This is much rumoured but always denied and probably
> technically illegal.

Hogwash. The US laws prevent only the US Agency from spying on it's
citizens. There is nothing that prevents the other Echelon partners (I
beleive they are Austrailia, Britian, and New Zealand) from doing the
spying and sharing the results.

-Jim P.

The US doesn't even bother with all of that; they directly monitor domestic
communications of American citizens as a matter of routine. Sad, but true.
I know this because I know someone who used to be involved with the project.
He denies that it is called Echelon but he does not deny that it exists.