AAA design document pointers

My takeaway from the conversations we're having as the second and third-order
resultants of the LinkedIn password break is that, if there *is* an accepted
definition of the problem, in slices small enough for implementers to
understand, a lot of people haven't read it. Including me.

*Is* there a good defnition of the current shape of the authentication/
authorization problem as it presently exists in the Wide Area with the
General Public as audience, which someone can point to?

One that identifies, as it goes along, all the points we batted around
today, like "person or PC", "multiple accounts", "non/repudiation",
and whatever you call "multiple services not being able to tell you're
the same person as an account holder, unless you *want* them to"?

Not even the solutions, you understand, just the definition of the
problem? Seems to me we're on different pages in the hymnal...

Off-list, please; I'll summarize.

-- jra