a truly radical proposal


RIRs refuse to grant ASNs to dual-homed leaves. Transit providers _must_ cooperate with each other. Hopefully they coalesce joint ASNs and space responsibly before sending such merrily along to the global table.

Voici, non-portable ASNs and "minimum height to ride" requirements for a portable, personal ASN. This really isn't much more restrictive than today's policies, and changing an ASN is easy for small leaves.

The biggest pitfall I see:

Imagine having to renumber when _any_ upstream changes. I propose that this is reasonable for > /24, where such is the status quo. For <= /24 non-PI space, one could use non-coop space from a specific upstream -- again, the status quo.

On a related note:

Someone pointed out off-list that the "coop ASN" approach requires creating a new ASN when one changes providers. Yes, but this still uses no more ASNs (unused ones are returned, right?) than if each leaf registered its own portable ASN.


Introducing the greater risk of blackholes, and potentially increasing the complexity and size of the routing table.

In one of our facilities we work with two upstream telcos supplying IP. IP Connectivity *must work* here or our business will die. We would have to co-ordinate change through two large, uncaring, inefficient bodies, who must make their changes at the same time. What you propose would not work for us.