A TCP Replacement protocol 6000 times faster than DSL?

Found on slashdot:

Any idea what they're trying to say/sell?

The article is so vague as to be mostly useless, but it seems to indicate
the usual stuff like sliding windows.



"This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible."

How fast is DSL? I think mine is 64k min, so 6000x64k=384Mb .. hmm, I can
transfer files currently via Gig for faster than that.

But anyway, yeah they've done a bunch of benchmarks with stuff like this.

Basically you hack the TCP protocol stack at either end and it flows faster, the
downside is you might break a whole bunch of things by doing so and you need to
change the whole worlds' tcp stacks if you want to roll this out.