A split window multi ping program

At the passing month, i looked for some small program that can ping to
multiply servers in a split window or a program with a split dos windows,
i did not found it,
So i developed one :slight_smile:

You can download it here..

Sharon Saadon

Nifty idea but could you give me a scenario where this would come in handy where a single instance of fPing -g would not be adequate ?

I need it for ATP tests,
I need to know if there was packet lost while disconnecting cables /
making changes
all the ping results are saved, and you can add bookmarks of the tests you


Nice features. Good work and thanks for sharing. I'll see if I can put it to use and hopefully be able to provide some intelligible feedback.


Unless you have a very idle server or the fastest hands in the west, you
almost certainly *will* drop packets while moving a cable. So the important
question is not "if" but "how many" or "how long".

And if the answer really matters, ping isn't the right instrumentation.