A Real Technical Question (RAdB)

Well I have a real operational / technical question for this
list. I hope it will keep a few people from crying! :slight_smile:

We are needing some help and advise on route-registery stuff.

It looks like we will be adding customers to our network
that have legacy (read pre-arin, circa '89-'93) address
space. They do not wish to renumber and would like us
to advertise their routes via BGP v4.

What I know:
Getting the routes to be announced via BGP v4 is not
a big deal. We can add the correct statements to our
IOS routers and bounce the session.

To get these routes excepted by other providers, I need
to register them with a route registery. I have
choosen Merit's radb.
I have created a MAINT, AS and Route, object.

What I dont know(and need help with):
Have I done this correctly?

Can I add routes to this single location and
have all (ANS, CW, et al) pick them up and add
them to their configs, etc.

Or, do I have to register with each registery,
which would sorta defeat the purpose of a

Can anyone give me a quick Route Object / Policy
101, or point me to something for the slightly
less clued :slight_smile:

I want to get this right and make sure I don't
FUBAR things...

Any sushi eating people that help will be compensated
in sushi, the next time I see you (NANOG or ARIN meetings)


Back to your regularly scheduled BA or is that BS ??

AS 7850