A Public Apology to Lorenzo

(resending as I sent it incorrectly the first time; apology
for the duplicate for those that see it twice)

Dear Lorenzo,

I'd like to publicly apologize for my behaviour
last night. It has been rightly pointed out to me
in private that I crossed several lines in my response
to the debate yesterday, and for that I am truly sorry.

I crossed the streams, by bringing material from an
unrelated forum into the NANOG thread--material
that was posted from a different account for a different
purpose. That had no place on NANOG, and I do
apologize for dredging it up.

I engaged in an ad-glandulum attack as part of the
debate, which was a low blow. I have absolutely
*nothing* against your genitals whatsoever, I promise.
I will leave them out of any future discussions.

The level of mud-slinging I sank to was more
appropriate for an IETF mailing list, not for NANOG;
the people here deserve better, and I apologize
to everyone for that shameless outburst.

It has been pointed out that your desire here was
to gather operational input and engage in an open
dialogue on a personal basis. I failed to recognize
that, and attacked you instead of listening. That was
wrong of me, and if you do still have an interest in
discussing the needs of network operators, I will
do so in an open and respectful mode, and will
leave any mention of specific companies out
of the discussion.

Again, I am truly sorry for my inappropriate
outburst last night, and hope it did not
prevent a truly open discussion about
the needs of network operators.


Matthew Petach