A Preview - Iperdomes Response to the NOI

What follows is a rough draft of Iperdome's response
to the U.S. Government's Notice of Inquiry. It is being
posted so that your comments can be incorporated before
our official submittal is made.

Many people, companies, organizations, and Government
officials were consulted for their perspectives on these
issues. While many ideas were gathered from these
stakeholders, none have approved this draft nor the
suggestions outlined below.

We suspect that few if any of the stakeholders will view the
suggestions outlined in this document to be their best
alternative. We do believe, however, that these suggestions
are the best compromise available given the current situation.

Please feel free to post your comments publically, or if
you prefer, you may send you comments privately. If they
are sent privately, we will honor your confidentiality,
however, we may incorporate your suggestions in our
final position paper.