A new twist in email scams?

Sorry if I've missed some notes regarding this in previous threads, been off
the air for a bit.

A new twist on scamming email?

I posted an ad to offer services in my area, got a rather odd email,
obviously broken english typed, so proceeded cautiously.

Someone in a foreign country wants my to install MSWindows, Office, and
anti-virus bla bla.. So seems that he is wanting to send these items (5
laptops) to me for this installation. Ok, first thought scam. But I'll go
ahead and play along.
Seems he is adimit about paying me in advance for this work, as long as I
can carry the check amount to pay the "shipper". Ok, well I'll be brave,
send him some information, tracephone num etc. let see if this goes any
where. Next email confirms hes got the info, will be sending details
shortly. This sounds like a total scam, but is this a turn from the
"5million dollars, you help me transfer" Nigerrian scan, looking to go after
some of those folks wanting work? I am thinking so. Struck me as an odd
situation. Sorry if this is off topic, but wondering how far this might go,
(Can you configure my router/switch/firewall) and wanted to warn folks.

Take Care,

Reshipping scams are almost as old as the 'i'm the widow of a tinpot
dictator' type scams


A) I don't think this really belongs on NANOG, but I don't want to
leave you hanging.

B) He is going to send you a check for over the amount of money you
agreed on and then ask you to wire the overage back to him minus a
small amount "For your trouble". Google "Overpayment Scam".

Good Luck,