A new forum for discussing large scale TLS/SSL and other crypto deployment issues

Dear network operators,

Some you may be interested in a project that EFF is launching at the
moment, which is intended to be a forum for knowledge sharing amongst
people trying to figure out how to deploy TLS and other forms of crypto
securely and at large scales. ("What kind of load balancers will
terminate 100,000 TLS connections/sec?" "How do I audit our properties
for mixed content?" "What resources will it take to enable perfect
forward secrecy for a large userbase?" "What kind of certs should I
deploy for a large and complicated set of services? Is there a way to
use SNI?" etc, etc). The mailing list is intended primarily for people
who have complex scalability hurdles to overcome for deploying crypto.
It will operate under Chatham House rules.


Hopefully this will be followed shortly by a wiki to publicly document
knoweldge coming out of this conversation.

I think the correct URL is:


- - ferg

Sorry, the above URL is obviously not very useful to most of you :). Try: