A little assist please..

Am preparing a second round set of qustions for some participants in an
RFP that we are conducting for a bandwidth expansion project.

Looking for some specific fodder so that I can personalize the questions
to each participant - rather than the usual 'what is your
over-subscription rate' etc...

The second rounders are:


What we are requesting in this RFP is DS3 and OC3 pricing in 2 locations
Boston and MacLean, VA. We were looking at flat and tiered rates..

What I want to structure the questions around is...

1 - Subscription (over and under) and upgrade ratio's
2 - Current capacity and hot points
3 - Outage response
4 - Customer issue responsiveness
5 - Time to delivery

I have all of these answers from the marketting staff of each of the
second rounders - however I hate lies. Please help with some truthful
lighting on these issues - real blue water experience - happy and horror
stories - some good fodder that I can carve some specific questions for
each specfic participant from.


Summarized to list if deemed appropriate...

I'm going to give my public 'atta-boy' to Sprint for provisioning our
last T1 correctly and on time. In addition they were able to save our
butt by making changes to their BGP filters in about 15 minutes while we
were kept waiting for hours with our other provider (who didn't make
your list - good).

Mark Radabaugh
(419) 833-3635