A First Byte of IPv8

Brian Tackett writes...

> IPV8 has been designed for the emerging world of circuit
> switched routing, where packets are moved a long way
> without "hops" so that they can be delivered to their
> intended destination as quickly as possible.

Also, where can I obtain the source code of the reference implementation?
There is a reference implementation, isn't there? Any ideas as to when I
can deploy Ipv8 on my Cisco?

I wouldn't want to see any kind of "reference implementation" even be
attempted until the protocol itself has been reviewed. That at least
gives others the opportunity to suggest changes the original author
may have overlooked, and get them into the reference implementation.

A lot of people have this perception that a proposal cannot be judged
until they see source code. While many protocols have probably been
done that way, many others have not and instead get reviews on the
design theory before any code is ever written.

Call this one a successful troll, Jim. :slight_smile:

-- jr '<CHOMP>' a