A bit off topic

A quick question, does anyone know of a good web based scheduling software package.
I work in a lab environment and we have a lot of test equipment and class 5 switching facilities that need to scheduled, and was hoping to make it available in web format so our customers can look at availability in somewhat real time.

Sorry for being off topic, but I felt the collective knowledge of this mailing list would surely have an answer of some sort. :slight_smile:

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Sun has a package that does this. The calendaring/scheduling
server must be a Sun with Solaris, but there is a standard web
http/Java interface that can work with any browser on any platform.
I can't say if it fits your precise need, but it is worth
investigating. (Flame avoidance: Kindly note that this is
different from the "Calendar Manager" package included with Solaris.)

        Disclaimer: I don't own SUNW stock and am not an employee
of Sun, so I have no vested interest to grind here...