allocation to verizon wireless

2) If one company is likely to need four more /8's, and there are now
   32 in the free pool man is IPv4 in trouble.

It's going to happen soon enough anyway.

   At this point it
   would only take eight companies the size of verizon wireless to
   exhaust the free pool WORLDWIDE. No matter how much effort we put
   into reclaiming IPv4 space there's just no way to keep up with new

If they were allowed to. At some point I hope (I've heard the RIRs are
making plans) they'll be told "no, you can't roll out something that big
as v4, that's enough infrastructure you can afford to build it as v6,
the rest of the v4 is now only for smaller necessary v4 use".

What is necessary v4 and the v6 only threshold can now be argued over
while everyone else gets on with building v6 or big v4 NATs