/8s and filtering

  Currently APNIC's policy means that if an organization can fully use a
/26 (since 25% of /24=/26 and to satisfy the multihoming requirement the
organization will need to have a prefix advertised by two or more ISPs) it
can get a multihoming assignment from APNIC.

If RIRs begin allocating really long prefixes, it would be best if they
did it all from a single block. Allowing providers to allow long prefixes
only from that block, rather than having to accept /24 willy nilly
across the entire address space.

Also, just because an RIR is allocating out of former class C does not
necessarily mean providers will accept a /24, if the RIR allocation
policy is shorter than /24. However, this is not a problem as long as
the entity receiving the address space always announces their largest
aggregate. It is only a problem when people only announce more-specifics.