802.1x Port Security

We are trying to find a switch that will offer port security (mac
address filtering to prevent a hub on a port) and 802.1x to get the
machines in these scenarios onto the right vlan:

Machine without a 802.1x supplicant software or the 802.1x software
disabled: put them into the guest vlan
Machine with 802.1x software, but the machine is not one of ours and is
not authenticated: put them into the guest vlan
One of our machines with 802.1x and is authenticated: put into the
authenticated vlan.

We've tried this with an HP 2626 with the latest OS (8.53) with both
802.1x port-access and port-security (learn modes port-access and
limited-continuous) enabled, but scenario 1 fails.

Has anyone had success using a guest vlan scenario when implementing
802.1x with both port-access and port-security enabled. If so what kind
of switch did you use?