802.17b Case studies and current usage on Metro Ethernets

I'd appreciate if someone could answer some of my questions:

1. What vendors currently offer support to the IEEE 802.17b standard ?

2. After extensive searching, have found no case studies. Do you guys could
recomend any ?

3. If someone had been envolved with 802.17's deployments, what are your
thoughts about it ? I mean, the whole process as well as the benefits (and
problems) that arose.

Thanks !


I believe there are several companies that build equipment based on the 802.17B standard. I will be more than glad to list them if you want.
I was quite involved in IEEE 802.17 during the standardization up till 2005. What are you looking for in the case studies?

I can go at length on the merits of RPR.
- You can have upto 255 nodes in a ring (2000KM rings) and very robust
- It runs a native L2 based topology and had 50ms recovery for fiber chops and restoration
- It supports both source steering and wrapping
- Most importantly it support CoS and fairness for nodes on the ring for certain types of traffic

Some of the cons:
- Limited number of vendors and chip makers supporting this technology
- Has remained a niche technology and faces competition from EAPS and ERPS
- A little complex to understand

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Vinay Bannai

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