802.11 MAC Point Coordination Function

Hi All,
I'm doing some research on 802.11 quality of service, congestion control,
etc. I'm trying to find some information on the Point Coordination
Function, a polling based access control method, but I'm having a hard time
finding much in the way of vendor support. I have access to some cisco
1242's, 1140's and 1252's and I've been searching the Cisco's site and
can't find a real answer on whether or not it's supported let alone how to
configure it.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Does Cisco have some special
name for it aside from PCF? Any help would be appreciated!


I know of no such feature in "classic" Aironet APs. Everything I've
run across only does classic 802.11-style DCF along with all the
You might check out the Aironet 1550, which supports forming dynamic
mesh-like topologies, though I can't speak to it as I've never laid
hands on the hardware or software.

Other vendors and hackers are implementing alternative media-access
control and coordination functions, though.
You might check out Ubiquiti's AirMax-speaking hardware or
ieee80211_tdma in FreeBSD for software MAC-capable drivers.