60 Hudson

As someone who uses FiberNet in 60 Hudson (and ethernet link back to 25
Broadway) i'd say avoid them like the plague. In the ~6 months that i've
had this circuit (aparently it's provisioned over an OC48), it's gone down
at least 4 times, possibly more, sometimes for upwards of 12 hours at a time
(starts at 10% packet loss, then just keeps growing). Their answer every
times has been "bad OC48 card". I don't know whether that's just the line
they're feeding me (I have a feeling it is), or their hardware vendor is
just garbage, but they don't appear to have the ability to keep this circuit
up for more than 3 weeks at a time.

At one point they sold us on upgrading it from Ethernet to FastE, we said ok
maybe that will be better. However, they took down the 10M link at around 9pm
on a Friday night, and by 7pm Sunday night they hadn't had the 100M link up
yet so we just told them to forget it...

Since the circuit is just backup, i've been testing FiberNet as fo late.
Yesterday, after I started seeing packet loss I waited at least 2 hours to
call them, to see if they'd notice the issue themselves. Of course as usual
they didn't.

I'm fairly sure i'm the only customer they are providing this
service to between 25B and 60H, otherwise for sure they'd know by know
(unless they are dedicating a full OC48 to my 10M link, which would be a
whole other story itself).

I'm unsure, however, if this is how they provision service inside (suite to
suite) 60 Hudson, it'd be fairly strange if they did, but FiberNet is
turning out to be a fairly strange company.

..just my experience :slight_smile:


Quick followup, apparently the current issue i'm having with them is a "bad
oc48 card" (again, shocker), and they don't have one in stock, and had to
put a "rush order" in for a new one...You'd think a carrier would keep this
sort of thing in stock. Went down late yesterday afternoon, and with this
being Friday, i'm sure this won't be fixed until late Monday.

Use this as an indicator before choosing FiberNet :slight_smile: