60 Hudson peering

I have a POP in 60 Hudson, 19th floor. The only peering exchange I'm
aware of in the building is Stealth's IPV6 exchange in Tel-X (23rd
floor). If there's any interest in IPV4 peering from any networks with a
presence on the 19th, I'd be willing to provide free 100baseTx ports on a
peering switch in 1904.

I'm aware of MetroIX, but that's on the 15th floor and its unreasonably
expensive to get fiber cross-connects between floors in 60 Hudson, and
cat5 cross-connects aren't even available between the 19th and 15th

Ralph Doncaster
principal, IStop.com

$750 is not unreasonable for 2 strand dark fiber in 60 Hudson. And if you
work hard, you can get this down to $500. Check 111 8th Ave, it costs well
into the $3,000/mo range generally.

In addition, we're already working on (in progress) cat5 xcon's between TelX and
suite 1505 in 60 Hudson. However, how much do you think that would cost?
Not all that much less, figure in the $300/mo range.

Furthermore, anyone peering inside of TelX is probably doing it privately
and because of the cost of xcon's there, probably would keep doing it

BTW, if anyone is interested in speaking about MetroIX, contact myself or
Avi off-list. It's been moving along slowly as people re-evaluate peering
arrangements, companies that we talk to disappear, etc :wink: People like to
see things done instantly in this market, but that's not always the best way
to get things done right...


$750/mth is once you get to MetCom. For the cx on the 19th to their FDP
is another $300/mth. Now you're at $1050/mth. For $1K/mth I can get 100M
from the 19th floor to 25 Broadway, + $100/mth for the cat5 cx. So if I
were going to spend a grand a month to connect to an exchange point, it
would be NYIIX and not MetroIX.

Ralph Doncaster
principal, IStop.com