4q98 in-addr.audit notice

  I am sorry for duplicates that you may receive.

  This is to let you know that I will be starting the next quarter
sweep of the in-addr.arpa tree on 03 oct 1998. I'd appreciate it if you
would review http://www.isi.edu/div7/people/bmanning.home/in-addr-audit.html
for details. Specifically, I'd appreciate your adding the two referenced
probes to your xfernets directives so that a valid audit may proceed. The
run may take as long as 600 wall-clock hours. The results will be posted
to the web page.

  A target for this audit run is to attempt to identify DNS version
distribution. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me.
If there are others that you feel should be aware, forward the information
on to them and/or me.

  Thank you for your consideration.



Adding to Bill's list of things to check on your DNS servers, please
consider implementing RFC 1876 - `A Means for Expressing Location
Information in the Domain Name System.' RFC 1876 defines the format of a DNS
Resource Record (RR) for associating host location mappings to host names
within a domain.

In other words, you can put longitude, latitude, and altitude in the RR
record, have a tool query it, and be able to plot the geographic location of
the DNS site!

See the following URLs for details:


Consider RFC 1876, even if it's just a rough guess based on a wall map of
your country.