4or6.con question

does anyone know what ports 4or6.com uses for udp traceroute its failing
on my windows firewall i opened 33434-33464 udp but no help i goggled
but can't find

If its a linux box and most likely it is....and depending on the number of
hops from 4or6.com to your target machine it is possible that the probes
reach you with higher port number the the ones you allowed.

For example this is what I get when I trace to google which is 10 hops
away. Probes that make it to are 33462 and higher:

13:31:51.822851 IP > ICMP udp port 33462
unreachable, length 68
13:31:51.822914 IP > ICMP udp port 33461
unreachable, length 68

i finally got to wondows firewall hides some ports even when open
calles stealth mode had to fix wirh this page

took 4 days find it