-48VDC summary of responses

Lots of folks provided very good suggestions and information. Here is a brief attempt at a summary.
I only got a few sales folks hitting me up, so you are probably on your own to get in touch
with most of these guys.

Top recommendation:
* Eltek/Valere seemed to be the top recommendation (3:1 or 4:1), though customer svc is rumored to have gone downhill since the acquisition).

Large Plants: (1000A and more)
** C&C & Sageon (sageon: stand alone, not rack mount, C&C scales in 100A increments)

Small plants:
Argus (re: Cordex unit- management UI only works in IE, emails just fine, good chassis based expandability) [2:1 recommendation here]
Tyco in the lower range
Telect for unmanaged supplies/PDUs

Lorain/Realtec makes nice equipment.

Thanks to everyone for their input, I don't have much more detail from most of the responses
so if you want a contact who is using this gear, I can try to make the introduction.

Deepak Jain