-48VDC equipment recommendations

Who does everyone like for -48VDC power systems nowadays (say in the 60A @48VDC and 600A@48VDC sizes). Something like you'd deploy in a POP or a 10-rack MMR with A&B.

Management/no-management, not a big deal.

Off-list is fine, and I'll be glad to summarize for the list.

Thanks in advance,


We're using this a product by C&D and happy with it:
Runs very quietly, very efficient (compared to what we used to have)

For our smaller sites, we use Valere:
It's amazing how compact they've made these units.


For large plants, the Sageon brand is excellent and for small scale, 48
VDC @ 30 amps the Argus brand is excellent. The Sageon units are
stand-alone. The Argus units are rm @ 19" and 23".

We use both.