48V DC Terminal server recommendations

Looking for recommendations on a good terminal server to put into a telco colocate facility.

8-16 ports for Cisco console access (RJ-45s preferred, DB9s if we have to)
-48V DC power
USB/internal modem for OOB access
NEBS Level 1 (or better) compliance.

So far I've found Perle has several models that meet 3 out of 4, but none that meet all the requirements. The only OpenGear boxes we're seeing with DC power is a little 4 port unit and they don't mention NEBS compliance. Lantronix mentions DC power for their SLC line, but doesn't mention anything about NEBS compliance either.

Anybody have any recommendations for one they've used that meets all 4 of those requirements?


Jeremy "TheBrez" Bresley

Hi Jeremy,

Have you considered the obvious: a Cisco 2610/2811 or equivalent with
a 16 port async NM card, an analog modem WIC card and a DC power
supply? I didn't see it on the list of things you'd considered.

Bill Herrin


Avocent's (formerly Cyclades) ACS devices meet all of your constraints:



I guess Cyclades is now Avocent, used these at Clearwire. Can come with
dual 48VDC supplies. Think of a 48 serial port Linux box. Has PCM/CIA
slot for modem. Multiple users can be logged in at the same time.


We used these quite a bit. Uplogix has some interesting automation, and the phone line/OOB is pretty slick. One cool thing about uplogix is it has a surgical rollback feature. You can set many different conditions and rules, and the router will dutifully execute a fall back procedure automatically. We had a switch plugged in, and I did a port range and added "shut" to all of the ports. Once they all went down, uplogix noticed and after a pre defined time it went back in and restored to the last known good configuration. If these bells and whistles don't blow your skirt up, check out the website.

Not sure about NEBS but we use the Opengear IM4200 range which meet your other requirements:


-48v and Cisco pinout available.

I guess the small 4 port units you found were the ACM5000s. These come with an external transformer which is a pain to rack mount unlike the larger IM4200.

Avocent were good when I used them a few years ago but very expensive.


We have used the Avocent console/power terminal servers for several years.
Although the browser interface is cluttered, and the use of Java sometimes
poses connectivity challengesm Avocent is a useful console server for all
types of devices, and has the ability to remotely power-cycle AC and DC
Avocent devices meet your specs (-48V PS, NEBS compliance).



Digi TS-16 Works well, but doesn't have USB/modem..

MRV's LX line meets all of that, but I've had mixed issues with
reliability with them..

Do you require NEBS "compliance" or the much more expensive still "NEBS

-- jra

Once upon a time, Joe Hamelin <joe@nethead.com> said:

I guess Cyclades is now Avocent

And Avocent is part of Emerson (for several years now actually).

I just use SSH to ip:portnum . Used the web ui for initial setup. Never used an applet. Didn't know one existed.

This is on an acs48 model. I forget the pdu model (cyclades i something), they just daisychain off the acs and you can hit a key combo to powercycle.

I'm surprised no one mention WTI's product:
It seems to lack NEBs compliancy, though.


Lantronix SLC.

Has USB modem. SLC is NEBS Level 3 compliant.