$400 million network upgrade for the Pentagon

In general:

  Things work far better on TV than in real life.
  This includes James Bond toys.

  Standoff distance is your friend; for both electromagnetic
  radiation and 0.5mv^2 from fertilizer and fuel oil.

The second is so much the case that I knew of a major secure
installation that had a blanket TEMPEST waiver; i.e. machines
radiating were not a threat. Why? They had a minimum one mile
standoff distance between the outer fence{s} from public roads/land
and the inner buildings where the classified work took place. And
the few visitors inside the compound were controlled such that
there was no chance they'd wander in with a van of receivers.

I think it safe to say the Pentagon has many precautions of this
nature in place. Tried to park next to the building recently ;-?