4 GB interface s HSRP with two Class C address block


We want to set up a resilent internet connection between backbone
and outing going network by using 4 GB ethernet.
It's demanded that the four GB ethernet connection are grouped
into two GB channels ( two work horse + two backup), HSRP + STP are
requirement to enable system reliablity. It's also expected to use
8 IP addresses for network i nterconnection between backbone and
outgoing network.

We plan to provide such service by using GB interfaces on two catalyst
6509. But, to my understanding if the two GB channels are configured
with 2*4 interconnection IP addresses, STP is not required between our
switches and customer's switches. And, the two GB channel could
participate two HSRP groups, and acts as primary and standby sequently.

Catalyst6509-A =================== Catalyst6509-B <- outgoing &#65288;layer2+layer3)
    >> >>
    >> GB Channel || GB Channel
    >> 2GB ||
Catalyst 2948G =================== Catalyst2948G <-Core ( maybe only layer2 )
              network with two class C address

To the topology above, I think the 8 interconnection IP addresses
are not required. But, if the two GB channels are configured into
one VLAN, the number of of host in one collision domain will be
2*256, this will surely derive to broadcast storm.
I don't know how to set up IP routing in Layer 3 of 6509-A and
6509-B either.

How could it done?

Each word will be highly appreciated.


Joe Shen

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