4-Byte AS Number soon to come?



In light of Geoff Huston's recent article which urged alacrity in finalizing
a standard and implementing the eventual solution, where are we in this
process? Geoff's article suggest that we have about three years until
Internet transit AS's should begin transitioning. Given the QA cycle at both
router vendors and major carriers, this means that the timeframe is quite
condensed, at least by IETF standards.

My question, in short, is, will we make it? (the corollary is, does the
IETF/IDR have a sense of urgency as they move this process along?)

The time it would take it to be deployed depends (among other
factors) on whether the IDR WG would reach a (rough) consensus on
moving forward with the existing spec, even if one may argue that
there could be a better alternative to the existing spec.


P.S. For more details you may look at the on-going discussion on the
IDR mailing list.