4-Byte AS Number soon to come?


>The IDR draft is awaiting implementation report.

If this is true, it's very distressing.

The IDR draft awaits an implementation report in order to advance
the draft to Proposed Standard. What is so distressing about this ?

Drafts are deleted after
about six months. That means that any implementations will be based
on a no longer existing specification. That's wrong in so many ways.

Drafts are deleted after about six months *unless* the drafts are
renewed (republished). The draft we are talking about is an *existing*
specification (draft-ietf-idr-as4bytes-10.txt).


A draft is work in progress. We don't even get to refer to it because it's deleted after 6 months. As such, it's hardly less ephemeral than a conversation.

You can't build implementations based on that. But I guess this is what happens with the convoluted "standards track" mechanism that the IETF currently uses.

One thing that bothers me very much about this is that it will make changes that happen in IETF last call much harder. Essentially that means that anyone who isn't in IDR doesn't get to have his or her input considered.