3561 policy meltdown overnight?

I'm curious if anyone else noticed the 3561
routing policy meltdown overnight. It was most obvious to me
in the 10k+ line emails I got from my routing leak system, but
i'm curious if others noticed this or any related outages as
a result?

  - jared


LayeredTech operates out of both the Savvis and Databank facilities in
the DFW area -- many customers on their Savvis network were hit hard.

"We are currently experiencing issues upstream from our Savvis IDC.
Savvis was performing un-scheduled maintainence on a backbone devices
which has caused a peering issue and sever or 100% packet loss for most
hosts on the Savvis network."



Yeah, interesting.. I'm still seeing routing leaks coming out
of 3561 right now, leaking of level3 routes to sprint (for example). i'm
not measuring the duration of the leak, just that it was sent and
accepted enough to show up in route-views.


  My scripts don't pick up "all" of the updates files that
are available from routeviews, just the most recent one. I suspect
the entire dataset might show a larger set of information. Maybe i'll
work on making my script more robust in that fashion next.

  - Jared