3500 Egyptian prefixes?

On the Renesys blog http://www.renesys.com/blog/2011/01/egypt-leaves-the-internet.shtml
it says that 3500 prefixes disappeared. 1% of the global table seems a lot, especially considering that according to AfriNIC Egypt only has 122 IPv4 and 7 IPv6 prefixes.

What gives?

not-afrinic-region blocks
geo-located blocks (potentially mis-located?)
customer blocks of the 7 isp's in region

lots of slosh there...

~25 million people live in Cairo alone, many under the age of 30 given
another 'arrival' is said to occur every 10 minutes. When we were there
earlier this month most had cell phones and wi-fi spots were available all
around the area that is being streamed on CNN right now. As a society they
are very social and a fair amount of their marketing materials have shifted
to email addresses vs. phone/fax contacts. Internet access is a big part of
their society.