$320 for a .com domain registration?

Jim Dixon writes:

> I just finished browsing http://www.britain.eu.net/naming-co/couk-form.html
> which is the registration form for the .co.uk domain. They charge 300
> pounds for each domain registered, approximately $320 is US funds.
> Comments?

You misunderstand. If you look more carefully, this Web page has
been put up there by EUnet GB's sales department. Yes, they charge
you two hundred pounds to register a domain name and provide name
service for a year. Several other UK providers charge similar fees.
But many US providers also have a standard fee for registering a
domain name on your behalf and providing name service.

EUnet GB is a private company, one of several British Internet
providers, not an organization like the Internic.

The misunderstanding is that EUnet GB has two roles in this context,
on the one hand they actually -do- run the co.uk registry, on the other
hand they provide the service to their customers. I think browsing
through http://www.britain.eu.net/naming-co/ would make things clearer.
In particular the link to the form clearly states what the purpose.