32 Old Slip AC Outage and 60 Hudson Verizon failure

Our equipment at 32 Old Slip is not operational. This is apparently
due to AC power failure and an inability to start the generators due
to ash in the air (this may be a choice as well). Anyone running at
32 Old Slip (TCG/Eagle/Focal/GNAPs are the four I know of on the
fourth floor) on DC power is on battery or offline.

Our POP at 60 Hudson is up with the MFS/WorldCom provided backhaul
circuit to our 34 Exchnage Place Jersey City location, but all
Verizon circuits terminating at 60 Hudson are down/down. All MFS/WCom
circuits seem to be ok so far...



We are at 32 Old Slip on the 4th floor. AC power is down and our generator
air intake is clogged and the sensors shut it down. Batteries are fine (we
have 27 hours left) but the HVAC is on generator only. Since we are south
of 14th street we are awaiting permission to enter the area to effect
repairs. Luckily our staff members who were outside during the collapse are
fine which was our main concern.


Vincent J. Bono
Vice President

As for our 32 Old Slip location, located in Focal (8th Fl, I think), we
have power once again.

dial1.fnj> ver
System uptime is 4 hours 30 minutes

This was at Wed Sep 12 11:10:01 EDT 2001.

All of our PRIs into the Focal switch are down:

dial1.fnj> sho line0
---------------------- line0 - T1 Primary Rate ISDN ---------------

  Status: DOWN Framing: ESF Encoding: B8ZS PCM: u-law

  Receive Level: +2dB to -7.5dB

  Alarms Violations
  ----------------------------- -----------------------------
*Blue 1 Bipolar 14164694
  Yellow 0 CRC Errors 0
  Receive Carrier Loss 1 Multiframe Sync 3608661
*Loss of Sync 1