I can imagine there is some reason why this was originally reserved thats
probably not valid any more..

It definately is not valid unless someone is living in the stone ages.
The network corresponds to the numerically highest Class C network,
and is reserved for a potential future classful special purpose
(as is,, and Similar actual
special usage is and

So, it relies upon the assumption that there are still pre-cidr systems
out there, and that a special-usage /24 would be needed in the future.

While I can see some Classful gear still being out there, I doubt any
new special-purpose blocks will be needed, and if they are, they will
likely just be pulled out from somewhere in the middle.

However seems like a lot of effort to change documents and policies for a single
/24 !

I could go either way. I highly doubt we really need to preserve the
reserved status, but if it ceases to be reserved, someone really needs
to explicitly state that.

So far, I've received no response from IANA or APNIC on the subject.


hi Simon,

In light of the discussions on this list and subsequent to the posting
referenced below, use of this network has been added to the agenda of
the Address Policy SIG as an AOB discussion item by the community.


The Address Policy SIG is part of the 15th APNIC Open Policy Meeting which
is taking place in Taiwan this week in conjunction with APRICOT. See:


The session will be multicast - multicast info will be on the website
later today.

The outcome of the discussions at the Address Policy SIG will be posted
to this list.


The outcome of the discussions at the Address Policy SIG will be posted
to this list.

where, one hopes, discussion will continue, yes?