( /24) blocked by bellsouth.net for SMTP

Hannigan, Martin wrote:

Maybe we should do some statistical analysis and see who the one person who starts most of these pi??ing contests, as you call them, is? The results may be interesting.

Maybe we should do some statistical analysis of the prolific off topic posters and ego posters and line them up for taser hits in LAX? Those results would be interesting.

That is an incredible idea, I wonder why you of all people felt the need to jump up and say it? Thanks! I am sorry I didn't think of it.

In Hebrew we have a saying:
"Hamor Kofets ba Rosh". It means the Donkey always jumps ahead first.

"Al Rosh ha Ganav Bo`er ha Kovah"

On the head of the thief, the hat burns.


Well, that just increased the odds that I'll be spotted at an IETF event
before I'm spotted at a NANOG... :wink:

Cat Okita wrote:

Could the thieving donkey be so kind as to stop cross-posting?

I am not on nanog-futures, and this interests all of us as a community. If I get a reply to a mailing list I am on, cross-posted to another list. I reply to the one I am on.
I don't see why people keep insisting on moving discussions of critical nature such as fergie quitting (he ******* quit! do any of you care?) to a small list most of us don't read. Apparently it helps keep things quiet enough for the regular flames to go on.
With all that's going on in nanog another thread won't kill anyone (unless the mods say it's off and then I'd naturally respect their decision to self-marginalize nanog again and I'll shut up about it).

nanog is where this all happens, and I don't see any reason to post anywhere but a list I am subscribed to.

As to you - you are rather rude. Are we related?


Could you guys change the subject if you want to have flame wars... This stuff has nothing to do with
" ( /24) blocked by bellsouth.net for SMTP".