( /24) blocked by bellsouth.net for SMTP

Hannigan, Martin wrote:

p.s. Speaking of "unreasonable requests" - I feel it is unreasonable for a member of the moderating committee to whine that he can't filter out "undesired" posts due to using a lame email client, and to then coerce a poster into "tagging" these posts.

There are no members of the ML admins saying that.

You were a member at one point. I didn't know you had left that role "back in May" as another post mentions.

We were urged by multiple SC members to make our opinion
on this issue (off topic junk) known.

The post in question was NOT "off topic junk". It was a brief cite and quote from a news article discussing the status of 3 major North American Networks following an huge storm, such a post is 100% ON-topic for the North American Network Operators Group.

Your position about tagging "off topic junk" may have merit but you picked an ON-TOPIC post to whine about. Shame on you.


(cc'd to nanog to clarify my position to the whole list, replies set to nanog-futures)