there will be a cost associated with requesting address space: US
    $10,000/year for Large ISPs ... US $2,500/year for Small ISPs ...
>> The category is self-determined by the organization.

Everyone's going to classify themselves as the smallest, then...

dunno about that - you are talking about rational behaviour vs Pride
and Vanity.

I'll back P & V any day!

    Such an approach is perhaps not as clean as charging for IP address
    space directly, but it does seem to be a reasonable compromise given
    political and theological constraints. ... Note that you should stress
    charging for registration services as opposed to charing for address
    space. The latter is a political minefield that will simply muddy the

If you vary your charge based on the size of the organization, how do you
justify that in terms of what it takes you in internal resources? Surely a
registration of a small ISP takes as much time/etc as a large one?

I understand your hesitancy about the "charging for addresses" issue, but
trying to effectively charge for addresses based on something nebulous like a
varying registration fee based on organization size just isn't going to pass
the "quack" test. People will see right through it... Heck, I don't mind
charging for addresses, they are a limited resource. Use the money to fund
IETF work.

Noel - you are reacting as a rational human being - the ISP world
doesn't necessarily act in that way!